Following are the principles set for vendors to adhere while applying for registration with HauteCouture.pk These principles are set as guidelines to regulate their business with Haute Couture. These can be recognized as terms and conditions to be followed by all vendors in its true spirit.


1.     If we do not receive, in writing, your acceptance of Purchase Order (PO) within Five working days, we will treat our PO as not having been accepted by you which enable us to may cancel it without further correspondence to you and we shall not be responsible for any liability, expenses or material loss arises to you against that PO.

2.     No changes or modifications to our PO can be made without prior acceptance in writing.

3.     Purchase order constitutes the entire agreement between you (seller) and us (Buyer)regarding the subject matter here and supersedes all provision in any prior quotation of seller.

4.     It may be amended only by written change orders signed by Buyer.

5.     Delivery of the goods shall constitute acknowledgement and acceptance of this purchase order by Seller.

6.     Buyer will not be bound by any order confirmation or other form of seller not signed by Buyer.

7.     High Court of Sindh alone shall have jurisdiction for any claim or action arising out of this contract.

8.     Buyer shall at all times have title to all drawings, specification and other documents. 

9.     It is responsiblity of the vendor to maintain the inventory in their stock and when order comes they must supply the item. Just in case if their product is out of stock, they shall immediately update product listing on Haute Couture. 

10.   Vendor will not sell or supply any counterfeit products, replicas, master copies or unauthorized copies of any brand local or international.

11.   Vendor will assure that they shall use pictures that are taken by them or if they use others' then they make sure to have permission from competent person to use their photos.

12.   Vendor will not sell any used products or already worn dresses.


  • Seller warrants all goods delivered hereunder shall be of new and first quality material, of good workmanship and free from defects, and that such goods shall conform to specifications, drawings, samples or other descriptions referenced herein and shall be fit for the purpose for which purchased when the purpose has been made known to seller (unless Buyer has furnished the design for same).
  • Sell further warrants that services furnished hereunder shall conform to specifications and shall be performed in a skilled and workmanlike manner.
  • Goods or services found to be defective in material or workmanship or nonconforming with specification within eighteen months from the date of shipment or twelve months from the date of putting same into service, whichever occurs first, shall, at Buyer's option, be replaced, corrected, or repaired place by Seller, or be re[;aced at Buyer's premises by Seller or be returned to Seller at Seller's expense (including  transportation and handle costs)  for full refund.
  • This warranty shall survive any inspection, delivery or acceptance of the goods or services, or payment by Buyer.
  • M/s Alpha Fashion and Hautecouture.pk has  No Question Asked Exchange Policy and Therefore, Vendors assure that they will accept product for return or exchange without asking a question.  
  • Vendors allow M/s Alpha Fashion to adjust the price against vendors outstanding in case of their product is returned due to quality problem, and they will supply fresh product.


1.     Prices are expected to include cost, insurance and fright to destination (DDP, Incoterm 2000) unless you have clearly specified otherwise in your offer.

2.     Packing, freight, insurance and taxes must be shown separately in your invoice.

3.     The prices quoted by you and accepted by us are final.

4.     No changes can be accepted unless we agree in writing.

5.     Unless otherwise specificed herein:

o    (a) payment is due only after final delivery and Buyer's acceptance;

o    (b) invoice shall be payable in 45 Days from the date of invoice received by buyer. 


  • All goods mut be supplied in accordance with the description and specifications given.
  • No departure from descriptions or specifications is accepted without our prior agreement in writing. 


  • The item indicated for delivery to the give destination is the essence of order. In the event of delay beyond given time, or any extensions granted (in writing) by us, we reserve the right to :
    • I) Accept delayed delivery at prices reduced by a sum equivalent to two percent of the value of goods not delivered for every week of delay or part thereof, provided however that such reduction shall not exceed 15% of the total order value.
    • II) without prejudice to the right under I abov, cancel the order in full or part and purchase such cancelled quantities from others on your account and at your risk.
  • Demurrage and other expenses incurred because you did not comply with our instructions as set out herein will be to your account and will be deducted from your invoice before payment. 
  • All vendor representatives visiting HauteCouture.pk / Alpha Fashion Est premises for delivery of products, material or for purchasing our products must observe our rules, regulations and follow our company's Health, Safety & Environmental requirements which includes (but not limited to) Smoking policy, following of safety signs and route mapping, driveway speed limits, PPE requirements & responding to the instruction on emergencies.


  • We have the right to inspect the goods covered by Purchase Order but such inspecton does not relieve you of your responsibility and obligation for defects in the goods and workmanship and for delivery of the goods as specified.
  • Packing, freight and other charges incurrent for returning defective goods must be borne by you. 


  • You must carefully note the destination to which the goods are to be sent as indicated in the "Please Deliver to" as noted in the deliver location.

Force Majeure:

  • In the event of any act of God, War, Government or international direct or indirect sanctions stoppage our operations due to unforeseen circumstances, we reserve the right to cancel or modify our Purchase Order without liability for compensation or claim.